Placelink enables a place-based approach to circular economy and economic transitions

Created to support clients looking to develop assets in complex multi-stakeholder environments including to support issues of environmental and cultural stewardship, multi-party governance, and inclusive growth outcomes.


Inclusive Growth Partners has developed Placelink™ as a platform to facilitate economic transitions and circular economy integration through a place-based approach. Designed by industry practitioners responsible for leading large-scale economic transitions and development of circular economies, Placelink enables the strategic alignment, governance, planning, investment, monitoring and evaluation of circular economy activities and economic transitions. Placelink provides a place-based open data integration platform that establishes a strategic context for organisations to collaborate and co-invest in circular solutions. Placelink establishes governance and enables sharing and visualisation of precinct-level data to support the development of circular economies. We are currently piloting Placelink in Australia and welcome enquiries for participation.

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