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Opportunities for blockchain in Australian agriculture

We are delighted to announce that AgriFutures Australia through its National Rural Issues program has engaged Inclusive Growth Partners in partnership with Monash University to identify opportunities for #blockchain solutions and trends in the technology relevant to #Australian #Agriculture. Our work will identify the key considerations for application of blockchain [...]

How does an inclusive growth approach enable real world outcomes for investors?

If you believe that the social and environmental challenges facing our world are too complex for any single organisation to solve alone, we agree with you. Inclusive growth has emerged over the past decade as a new approach to achieving sustainable economic growth. The approach has been developed [...]

Trends: Financing electricity and water infrastructure in the Pacific

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Electrification is a priority for many development finance institutions (DFIs) and the sector has attracted investment through green and blue capital and incentives. However, because renewable projects are 3-4 times smaller in size than traditional power infrastructure, they can be less attractive to fund due to high transaction costs, including [...]

Trends: Financing infrastructure development in East Asia

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Currently private investment contributes a very small proportion of total infrastructure investment, with the East Asia and Pacific region receiving AUD$18.2 billion in 2019 (World Bank, 2019). A greater participation of private capital is required to enable Asia to deliver its infrastructure needs.

How governments are catalysing and shaping private infrastructure finance

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Governments worldwide are looking at investment in infrastructure as an effective fiscal response to stimulate growth. Infrastructure stock that was established in advanced economies in the post-WWII Marshall Plan environment, is ageing and at end-of-life. Governments are today accelerating “shovel ready” projects and legislation is being driven through to enable easing of red and green tape. In advanced and developing economies alike, as the pressure to act increases on governments, a small window of opportunity exists to stimulate economies in a way that rebuilds the core infrastructure through renewing ageing assets while building for the future.

Can environmental conservation mitigate recession in regional economies?

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Governments and philanthropic groups have long been involved in the purchase of private land to achieve conservation outcomes. The challenge in any conservation activity is to balance economic impact and the expectations of diverse stakeholders interested in the natural resources of a place. The first half of 2020 has [...]

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